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To better serve our Global Clients we are a multi-language company! We speak the following languages:

English, Farsi, Greek & Mandarin .

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John joined The "A" Team in 2010 as a corporate officer and also VP of Maintenance & Project Mgmt.   In 2014, due to the high demand of maintenance Dept. in Azari Property Management, he decides to expand his construction mgmt Dept. and opened his own construction & project management company name; Luzon Project Mgmt. LLC.

John is team's full time licensed contractor and for all maintenance requests as little as; toilet leak or disposal is not working to large projects like remodeling entire bathroom or kitchen ( to provide a nicer home for our future tenants ), he uses California licensed subcontractors who are also carrying their own insurance, worker's compensation, and bond.  John wants to make sure through his qualified & bonded subcontractors he is giving the best maintenance service to our tenants and also with getting several estimates for any jobs over $500.00, he is also getting the best price/cost for our valuable landlords.

John has a sharp eye and a multitude of skills, he brings to the table the efficiency and accuracy to carry out any project from beginning to end in a professional manner.

Never being professionally trained in design does not hold John back with his keen eye, this man has a flair for style.

He is ready to work with our clients to ensure that their dollar goes a long way, maximizing the earning potential of our clients' homes.

Please contact John at: Cell (650) 274-4335 • John@AzariPM.com



Reza Foroughi joined Luzon Project Mgmt. LLC as part of maintenance management team reporting directly to John Evangelatos, President of Luzon Construction & Project Mgmt in early 2015.

Borned and raised in Iran, Reza and his family of four immigrated to US several years ago.

In his previous jobs in US, Reza worked as a manager for a few companies and was able to increase customer relation rating by also increasing the sale and profitabilty prior to start his career in Luzon Construction & Project Mgmt.

Reza has a passion and love of building construction management and is very familiar with basic maintenance and repair work needed to be done in our rental properties. With combination of several years of successful management and customer service under his belt and the technical knowledge Reza is confident that he can increase the level of clients’ satisfaction in Azari Property Management maintenance and inspection dept.

Reza believes that customer is a king!

His goal is to be able to respond to all our tenants and landlords repairs and maintenance work orders as soon as possible and to make Azari Property Management’s maintenance dept one of the best in San Francisco and the universe!

Reza appreciates and welcomes any suggestions and recommendations that make his new department shine.

415 225 1836



Kelly L. Hurtado joined the Azari team in late 2016 as the company’s Maintenance Coordinator. With 20+ years of managerial and customer service experience, she was the perfect fit for this position. Her friendly demeanor, strong work ethic, and personal attention to client’s concerns are what make this department run smoothly.

Kelly works directly with the company’s clients and vendors to ensure that all maintenance issues are addressed promptly and accurately. From the time that a maintenance request is opened, all the way up until the job is completed.  Kelly oversees every step of the process. She makes sure that both the client and the owner are aware of what is happening by providing them with regular updates and information.

Please contact Kelly at: Cell (415) 225-1836  • maintenance@azaripm.com

Jackson Salamunovich

Client Relations/Marketing

Having a desire and excitement to work in various aspects of the real estate industry, Jackson joined our team in January 2021. He earned a Bachelor Degree from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. Jackson believes that excellent customer service is the foundation of a business and this shows in his actions of being very responsive, an excellent communicator and caring deeply about all our clients’ needs. He also believes that honesty and humility are key factors in success, and he greatly enjoys interactions with all of the people his work allows him to communicate with on a daily basis. Jackson is passionate about making contributions to help the company grow to even higher levels.

Please contact Jackson at ClientRelations@AzariPM.com or Applications@AzariPM.com